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Waifu Hell is mostly to be used as my projects hub, but I host many things such as the Waifu Hell Radio, a Discord API and more.

My name is Kristian Megumin; I am an avid programmer and make many things such as this website, APIs, Discord Servers, Programs and more

Everything I host on this website is hosted off of a Raspberry Pi 2b, Running Ubuntun 16.04(Xenial Xerus) and an ethernet cable! The idea of waifuhell.moe was originally a weeb radio that can play music 24/7 - It then ended up becoming more than that. We moved from our old (and free) domain waifuhell.ml to waifuhell.moe and made a new homepage to celebrate. This is how this page was made.

The radio moved to radio.waifuhell.moe and continued functioning mostly the same as it did previously.

My Projects

Waifu Hell Radio

Jam out to the dankest of weeb tunes!

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Chat and hang out on our own imageboard!

Currently Broken

WH Beta

Check out the beta version of our website!

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Check out my API for Discord and WH Radio!

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